Sunday, 26 October 2008


Okay the last day at work couldve gone a lot better but thankfully it is over finally. I have been feeling ignored by my dad lately alot, feeling like he doesnt actually wanna be my dad any more. Now that I am 21 it feels like he has decided to jsut stop being my dad.

But I will not dwell on the bad feelings. I have a few medical updates too today.

For the past six years of my life I have been in and out of hospital seeing various doctors about my absent periods. Recently I have been told that I have a cut in the passage between my anal hole and my vagina, it is a cut witihn an opening. I always used to say that i was plumbed up wrong, but never did i thinkt hat blood would actually come out the rong way shall we say! I am still waiting to have my own period and waiting on an appointment at Leeds General to come through in the post. The fact that I dont have periods is constantly on my mind and I jsut fail to feel feminine at all. When I see other girls in the loos complaining about periods it does my tree in that they hate getting them when all I wish is to see blood on my knickers sometimes!!!

I am looking forward to strarting mynew job tomorrow but have money worries too at the moment. I am back living with Ben but living at my mums for part of the week whislt at work. I am feeling overwhelmed by the world at the moment but i know i will get hrough everything.

Love Louise-anne

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Laura's medical journey said...

Sorry things arent going well with your dad hun! Some families are just crap

:0( As for the hospital stuff! trust me ur better off not having periods! lol They are painful tummy aches at the best of times and it aint nice to feel like that!plus it sends ur hormones crazy! Cry cry angry mood swings!

Good luck in ur new job! x