Friday, 21 November 2008

Marksies Discount Double day

Well well, new facebook and new profile so all going well at the moment. Apart froma few personal snags in my life things are going alright fornow. My medical stuff is on hold for a while, but i have the support of my faily around me right now. I am on cytalopram and migraleve for the headaches and mild depression. I am feeling alot better for it and i am finding that I more alert and better in myself overall. I am loving my job at The Trafford Centre, just dont make me go there on my day off please!!!! :P:P:P hehe!

How is everyone else doing in thw bww? (big wild world)
I am busily reading Twilight by Steph Meyer and absoloutly loving it. And i cant wait to see Twilight in December!!!

But double discount day at Marksies....lots of goodies were bought hahahahaha!!!!
louise xxx